EPDM rubber seals

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber seals are commonly used in various industries for their excellent properties in sealing applications. Here's a summary of key information about EPDM rubber seals: ### Key Properties of EPDM Rubber Seals: 1. **Weather Resistance:** - EPDM rubber is highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, and ozone exposure. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight and the elements is common. 2. **Temperature Stability:** - EPDM rubber maintains flexibility and performance across a wide temperature range, from hot to cold conditions. This characteristic is crucial for applications in diverse climates. 3. **Chemical Resistance:** - EPDM rubber exhibits good resistance to various chemicals, acids, and alkalis. This chemical resistance makes it suitable for applications where exposure to different substances is likely. 4. **Water Resistance:** - EPDM rubber is known for its excellent water resistance,

Yachts for Sale

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